and his first Swiss collaborated timepiece, “The Gamechanger”

Where human ingenuity meets cutting edge robotics and the finest hand finishing and assembly techniques; Where the bespoke elements with high-tech machined parts meets the best Swiss mechanical and automatic movements, The Gamechanger, by Mark Gold is finally here.

Following 29 years of perfecting the art of designing and producing diamond jewellery, and having won several prestigious awards over the years, Mark Gold is here to create a new era of contemporary luxury.

A new journey begins…

With a curious mind and an inherent belief of “design can be combined with beauty”, Mark Gold began to combine the best of the best in order to deliver this concept in a new and unique way, a way that would change the game, and 2 years ago he embarked on this thrilling adventure.

So what makes this watch better?    

“Absolutely everything” says Mark…

“Firstly, the movement is encapsulated in a patented, fully submersible, 6mm titanium ti5 pod which protects the heart of the watch like no other – possibly making it the strongest watch in the world.  Add to that the fact that it also has a 15mm diameter winding crown and allows for extreme diving capabilities of up to 3000m, and boom… welcome to a new world of timepieces.

We do things big and we do them properly; the watch looks ridiculously cool and works like a dream. It is made from the highest grade of specialised superalloys and designed in a modular way, granting personalised options of materials and colours, giving the client a bespoke service concept that has never been seen before.”

Conceptualised and designed by Mark Gold and released in small batch series, The Gamechanger has brought to life the unique concept of a timepiece that is truly handcrafted one by one.